5 Ways

    Hydro-Stars Heal Pimples

    The world’s happiest pimple patch.

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    Hydrocolloid Works Overnight

    Toothpaste is cool, but have you ever tried a clinically proven skincare? Hydro-Stars are 100 percent medical-grade hydrocolloid, which works to absorb pus, protect pimples from outside bacteria, and blocking the urge to poke and pick.


    Forget-they’re-there feel

    Once your Hydro-Stars are on, you won't be able to feel them—they're THAT comfy. Live your starry life—they never peel up as you talk, eat, face-plant into a pillow at night. How, Sway? Their lil arms hug the contours of your face.


    Turn your face into a selfie-ready star map

    Whether you’ve got a Big Dipper or one shooting star, Hydro-Stars decorate the situation while your breakakouts heal. Party on top, business underneath.


    Protect pimples from outside bacteria

    “I change my pillowcase every week,” said no one ever. Hydro-Stars create a barrier between your breakouts and the bacteria-ridden outside world.


    Stop Skin Picking

    Ever ignored the urge to go HAM in front of a magnifying mirror? Can’t relate. Hydro-Stars help break the pimple popping, skin picking habit by topping vulnerable spots with healing hydrocolloid.

    Skin, meet Starface.

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