A single ingredient

    Hydro-Stars are made with 1 ingredient only: Hydrocolloid. Hydrocolloid is a substance borrowed from surgical dressing that’s clinically proven to help flatten pimples by absorbing bacteria and fluid.


    They prevent skin picking

    Hydro-Stars protect your pimples from outside bacteria and interference, including your own desire to pick at them, which could cause scarring.


    For everyone, always

    Hydro-Stars don’t contain any active ingredients that are off-limits to pregnant and nursing individuals, or anything that could irritate skin. They’re vegan, hypoallergenic, gentle and safe for every skin type.


    Special Shape

    The star shape is cute and effective: their little arms hug the more difficult-to-reach contours of your face, like the corners of your nose or sides of your lips.



    Hydro-Stars turn treating spots into self-expression. Never cancel plans over pimples again.

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